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About Me

'I was lucky enough to receive a commission of Roger, my black labrador who has been my saving grace and the portrait will act as a permanent reminder of that.'

I am a  self-taught  artist and illustrator based  in  the  North East  of  England  specializing  in original wildlife paintings and personal commissions including pet, wildlife and human portraits.  I work predominantly with Oil, acrylic, charcoal, carbon, chalk, graphite, and watercolour and exhibit my work at a number of galleries and at Love Art North East Arts Events in the North East of England.

Sandra - Corbridge

I am passionate about my artwork and love working with my clients to develop personal portraits of much loved pets and favorite animals to help to create a keepsake and preserve special moments and memories. I have a deep-seated love of nature and particularly dogs - I've never been without one! I was fortunate enough to share this planet for 14 years with a beautiful Black Labrador - Coco - who has now passed on, and I now have Maggie (a Black Labrador very much like Coco in her character) and Obi (a particularly cheeky Jack Russell, recently rescued). These furry friends have often acted (or more accurately 'play-acted') as my art muses.

When you commission me or buy one of my original pieces or limited edition prints - I hope that you will find that because of my passion for wildlife, I understand like you, the particular nuances that provide the individuality of your pet or the animal you love. I see it in the simple lines and movements that betray the feeling beneath the skin; of the jaunty angle of the head; the languid arch of the outstretched leg, the solid set of the chest, the far away look or the glint in the eye.

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I work from my home studio in Sunderland in the North East alongside Maggie and Obi. If you are interested in commissioning me or in any of my originals and limited edition prints and you are reasonably local, why not head over for a cup of freshly ground coffee or Lake District speciality tea and a chat? Just use the Contact Page to get in touch and arrange a time and date. Apologies in advance for being licked all over by Obi & Maggie!


If you'd rather not head out and want to commission me from the comfort of your own home (and who wouldn't) then check out the Commissions & Prices page for what you need to do and a list of products and prices.

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