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March 23, 2018

What makes our pets and animals so special?

This weeks Blog is written by a good friend and mine who lives in the Principality. I present it as it was presented to me. It's short and sweet. It's honest, brave and from the heart and demonstrates to us (as if we didn't al...

The choice of which pencils, paints, paper and a whole host of other tools and materials may seem somewhat tedious as subject matter goes - but to we creative types it's a vital part of doing what we do. In this series of Blogs I along with other artists and artisans w...

This weeks Blog is more of a re-direct to the World Wildlife Funds brilliant Wildlife Pages, but let me firstly just set the context:

I'll let you into a secret; I really quite like elephants.

Tread Softly, Matt Smith, 2017

I could sit drawing elephants all day long. I ha...

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