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The Heads Up Journal

It's been a privilege to collaborate with Heads Up on a couple of literary projects

over the last couple of years - providing illustrations for their fabulous books and 


Heads Up are a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, based in the North East

of England. They work in local schools and with the community, joining with families,

carers and teachers, to provide creative and innovative education to children and

young people on the topics of emotions and mental health. 


This Journal is their  latest creation aimed at helping children and young people to

reflect on and talk more about their personal qualities, feelings, behaviors and

emotions and to develop their emotional literacy. It also helps to grow  the skills required to build self esteem, confidence and resilience which will be invaluable to them now and in the future. Heads Up recommend that this journal is something that can be completed by children with help and encouragement from parents and / or carers.

You can order your Journal at the special introductory price of £11.69 + postage by clicking below or, get in touch with Heads Up directly via their Facebook Page. 


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