I suppose my love of dogs all began with a Border Collie. When I was little more than a bundle of smelly nappies, my mum and dad came home with a Border Collie puppy called Sam who then became a constant companion for the first 16-years of my life. It was always normal for me to have a dog around.


The Border Collie is synonymous with rural farming life. It’s a working dog of the pastoral group of sheepdogs - bred to work sheep, with innate herding instincts. Indeed, my Sam was never happier than when he was ‘herding’ me and my 3 siblings on long rambling walks in the Lake District during our summer holidays.


I wanted this piece to capture the life, brightness and alert nature of the breed and I’ve added spits of colour in a move away from my signature white background to convey the energy and movement of the Collie. It’s all about action and being ready to go to work!


This is a print taken from the original watercolour and charcoal painting on 200g hot-press paper.


The print comes mounted at the following sizes (measured to the edge of the mount):


Mini - 29cm x 24cm

Standard - 45cm x 34cm


The price will vary depending upon your preferred choice.


Border Collie - Print

£35.00 Regular Price
£24.50Sale Price