This is kind of my idea of doggy heaven...


You see, If you’re like me, then part of the joy of owning a dog is getting to walk your dog on the beach on a sunny day when you know there’ll be lots of other dog-owners doing the same thing. The walk turns into a game of; ‘spot the dogs’! I wanted this wallpaper design to be like that walk on the beach.


So, i’ve included a whole jamboree of dogs to feast your eyes on; the tiddlers; Pugs, Dacshunds and terriers, to the big breeds; Newfoundlands and German Shepherds. There’s Staffies and Labradors, Beagles and Bassetts...not to mention the much loved cross-breeds. So why not take a walk on the beach from the comfort of your own home?


This premium wallpaper is available in a range of colours and in either our ‘classic’ or ‘shimmer’ finish.  


Roll dimensions: 10m x 52cm  - 52cm repeats


This wallpaper comes with full wallcovering hanging instructions and is a 'paste to the wall' wallpaper.


Please note that this product is made to order and delivery can take up to 4 weeks.

Doggy Mixtures - Premium Wallpaper - Black n White