This piece is part of a series of studies on an elderly Labrador. Noticing the changes as your dog grows older, is all part of the growing bond of love bewteen you. You notice the coat becoming rougher, the eyes clouding a little, the white and grey hairs crowding the muzzle and face and the crustiness of the paw pads. You notice too, the prolonged periods of lying down and starring into the distance. What is going through their mind we cannot know, but we can wonder, and in that wondering our bond grows greater still.


This is a print taken from the original charcoal, chalk and graphite drawing on 200g hot-press paper.


The print comes mounted at the following sizes (measured to the edge of the mount):


Mini - 29cm x 24cm

Standard - 45cm x 34cm


The price will vary depending upon your preferred choice.

Far and Away - Print

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