Part of my growing series studying African wildlife through a mix of alla prima and layering oil techniques. The Giraffe was a favorite animal of both my Mum and my Granny - and indeed is a favorite of mine too. In-fact, it always amazes me just how popular the gangly Giraffe actually is. There is something very awkward - almost Bambi-ish - about the Giraffe, with it's spindly legs and long almost rubbery neck. And yet, much like the elephant, for such large animals, they possess a great deal of grace and poise. The sight of a Giraffe galloping at top speed is quite something to behold.


The 'Giraffe' card, taken from an original oil painting,  is available on it's own or as a pack of 5 or 10 cards.


Giraffe - Art Card