Why not treat yourself to this 325ml premium white ceramic mug, with the cheeky 'Just Three Boxers' design.


The Boxer dog originated in Germany as a result of breeding a Mastiff with a British Bulldog. The result is a working dog of medium size with the characteritic broad, short skull, underbite, and strong jaws. Originally used to hunt wild boar and deer the Boxer was also used in war time as a messenger dog, a carrier of supplies and an attack dog.


Now the Boxer’s duties revolve around creating chaos in homes around the world as a much loved, bouncy, crazy and remarkably gentle family pet. I wanted this piece to emphasis the uniquness of each of the 3 dogs - the slightly different muzzles and colours for instance. I also wanted to emphasise the strength and power of the breed - the broad chest and wide shoulders, and of course the sparkling eyes so full of fun and mischief.


You can also buy this mug as part of a Gift Set along with a coaster, which you'll find on the Shop's Gift Set page.

Just three Boxers - Mug