What’s not to love about a Labrador? They’re the gentlest and most fun-loving of breeds, and I’ve been fortunate to have lived most of my adult life with at least two Labradors for company, and I wouldn’t be without a Lab now.


So, where better to start when designing a range of wallpaper, than my charcoal & watercolour labrador sketches. Fusing the original art work together to create a contemporary wallpaper perfect for Lab lovers - and all of you partial to the company of our four-legged friends of any breed.


This premium wallpaper is available in a range of colours and in either our ‘classic’ or ‘shimmer’ finish.  -


Roll dimensions: 10m x 52cm  - 52cm repeats.


The wallpaper comes with full wallpaper hanging instructions and is a 'paste to the wall' wallpaper.


Please note that this product s made to order and delivery can take up to 4-weeks.

Labrador Love - Premium Wallpaper - Film Star