Original painting in Oils on canvas, framed in bevelled aged gold frame with inlay.


Size: (to the edge of the frame) 60cm x 60cm


Part of my growing series studying African wildlife through a mix of alla prima and layering oil techniques. Often referred to as the 'king of the jungle', I've always been in awe of the Lion's regal majesty, and wanted to capture some of that in this piece. It's no coincidence that a group of Lions are referred to as a 'pride', because that's often how I picture them in my mind; proud, stoic and with impressive speed and strength. The lion's mane often adds to that kingly impression. 


The blurred and darkened background, from which the Lion is emerging in this piece conveys the slightly mystical quality in which we see the 'big cats' and a great deal of African wildlife.

Lion - Original