The Newfoundland breed is classed as a ‘large working dog’, which is something of an understatement. They are giants in the dog world. Originating from the country of the same name, they were bred to help fisherman haul nets and pull carts, and so are immensely strong. I’ve long loved their bear-like appearance and dense coat. This piece captures this imposing size characterised by the large domed head and bull-neck and draws out the depth and richness of the 'double' coat. 


This is a print taken from the original charcoal, chalk and graphite drawing on 200g hot-press paper.


The print comes mounted at the following sizes (measured to the edge of the mount):


Tiny - 22cm x 17cm

Mini - 29cm x 24cm

Standard - 45cm x 34cm


The price will vary depending upon your preferred choice.

Newfie - Print

£35.00 Regular Price
£21.00Sale Price