All original drawings come ready framed by local framers using time-honoured skills. The frame materials and colour is selected to suit the piece.



Original size: A3 - 290mm x 420mm

Frame: Black wooden frame with black and white double mount.



I love quirky angles. Zooming in on key features. It’s a way of capturing a moment which comes and is gone in a split-second. If you have a dog, then this is a view you are likely to have seen many times, especially when indulging in puppy play fights!  In those play fights, we see our dogs in split second images, at acute and zany angles. There for but the briefest of moments. This piece captures all of that puppy loviliness and those split-second moments.


This piece was drawn onto 160gsm cartridge paper using mixed media: Koh i Noor graphite, Derwent and Conte a Paris charcoal, Wolff's Carbon, Cretacolour chalk and Caran D'Ache aquarelle watercolours.

Nose - Original