I am always taken by how gangley and awkward puppies are as they 'grow into their skin'. This piece brings this out in the gorgeous folds of skin on the forehead, the disproportionate size of the ears and the gangley length of her legs. Is there anything sweeter than watching a puppy cavort around having ‘a mad half hour’, legs moving at all angles with a distinct lack of coordination?


And when all of the madness is over, our puppies can turn from the authors of chaos and bedlam, to the most adorable and irresistable things, looking into your soul with their eyes and stretching out a paw in the hope of a treat.


The 'Paw' card, taken from an original charcoal and chalk drawing,  is available on it's own or as a pack of 5 or 10 cards.

Paw - Art Card

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