Hailing from Germany the Schnauzer was initialy bred as a 'ratter' to help farmers and warehouse owners in their efforts to control vermin. In that sense, the Schnauzer shares a great deal of it's character with our terriers who were bred for similar purposes in the UK. The Jack Russell and Yorkshire Terrier to name two. The breeds share the same small stature and folded ears to protect the inner ear when chasing their prey. 


Of course, nowadays, the Schnauzer and the range of terrier breeds have become almost exclusively much loved pets across the world.


The Schnauzer card, taken from an original charcoal and chalk drawing,  is available on it's own or as a pack of 5 or 10 cards.


You can also get your hands on this design as a print, mug or coaster,...you're spoilt for choice really.


Schnauzer - Art Card