To my mind, a walk  in the English countryside wouldn't be complete without the sight of a cow or 10 (in this case Jerseys) grazing in the quiet, cautious way they do. I always stop to say hello and to try to coax our bovine friends over for a more detailed chat, a pat of their wide foreheads and to observe them at closer quarters. The observation is always a two way thing though. How curious they are? Especially when they have an old, worn rustic gate to hide behind. I loved the soft white-greys and sienna-ochres here and wanted to use the background sky to capture the deep, warm golden hues redolant of our haystacks and wheat fields.


Thie print on this card is taken from the original acrylic painting on canvas.


The Gate card is available on it's own or as a pack of 5 or 10 card.

The Gate - Art Card