Original painting in Oils on canvas, framed in double bevelled black and white frame.


Size: 54cm x 40cm (to the outside of the frame)


Part of the 'Morwick Series', a series of oil paintings based on the 250-head Morwick Herd who graze quite contentedly just outside of the picturesque village of Warkworth in Northumberland. I have a great affinity with the area and with the Morwick Dairy, where one can get the best Ice Cream in the whole of the North (in my humble opinion).


I have a particular liking for our bovine friends. Not only are a they a staple part of our british landscape - but they also have a strange allure. A walk in the coutryside wouldn't be the same without bumping into a cow or three observing you silently from over a wall or through a fence. The nose, invariably shiny and the eyes wide and curious. This Holstein fitted that description perfectly!

The Morwick Nose - original