I have this theory that the wrinkles on an elephants skin each tell part of the story of that particular elephant’s life. For each wrinkle; a story. And so when drawing elephants, I can get lost for hours in the detail. Capturing each wrinkle. Desperate not to miss any part of the story.


It's true that there is something magical which draws us towards these beasts. There is no question that is has something to do with their size, but also (and prehaps more so) it has to do with their gentle, quiet grace. They roll and pad along the red dirt tracks of Africa, capable - with their size and power - of untold destruction should rage and fury descend. And yet, they naturally hold that power and strength back. They are such quiet, calm and seemingly loving creatures operating within the structure of their herds. I wanted to capture some of that gentle grace in this piece.


This print is taken from the original charcoal and graphite drawing on 200g hot press paper.


The print comes mounted at the following sizes (measured to the edge of the mount):


Mini - 29cm x 24cm


The price will vary depending upon your preferred choice.

Tread Softly - Print