Stephen Richardson - The Artist Interviews

This is the first in a series of interviews to be published monthly via my blog page, with a selection of Artists & Artisans based in the North East of England. The series is scheduled to run for the next year and I hope you enjoy the content and find inspiration and information in equal measure.

First up is Artist Stephen Richardson! He’s a Gateshead lad, so it’s fitting that we hold the interview in a Costa Coffee in the redeveloped Trinity Square in Gateshead’s town centre, a stone’s throw from where the once iconic multi-storey car-park made famous by its appearance in Mike Hodges 1971 film Get Carter, used to tower over the Gateshead skyline. That cold, grey and decaying monolith is gone, but today’s North Eastern weather harks back to it - It’s grey, dank, cold and blustery.